Legal Pathways to Dramatic Reductions in U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Summary Now Available

The Environmental Law Institute has made available for download a 160-page pdf of the summary and key recommendations volume of Legal Pathways to Deep Decarbonization in the United States, edited by Michael B. Gerrard and John C. Dernbach.  You can download the PDF here.  This book includes a thumbnail summary of each chapter, key recommendations by chapter, and a separate listing of recommendations organized by actor.  This listing will enable readers to find all of the recommendations relevant to, say, local governments, regardless of the chapter in which they originated.  There are more than 500 key recommendations in this version of the book.


The full 1,200-page book, with more than 1,000 recommendations for federal, state, local and private action, and detailed legal analysis of all of them, will be out in March.  You can order it here. The complete book contains 35 chapters authored by 59 experts.  The book will also have an index of recommendations by actor.


Finally, a newly published article, The Dozen Types of Legal Tools in the Deep Decarbonization Toolbox, provides a description and analysis of the wide variety of types of legal tools that are available for deep decarbonization, based on this book.  You can download the article here.